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All these features combined became the ultimate expression of a huge, fortress-like watch capable of taking any challenge. Despite all of this, it was difficult to see the Offshore, which would be a symbol for AP and the watch industry as a whole.

The Offshore was larger and bulkier than the average watch and featured exposed gaskets. This watch was not only a breakthrough, but also a way to explore the future and accept new materials in watchmaking. It is accepted that watchmakers use silicon, some newfangled alloy, or ceramic to enhance performance and durability.replica watches But, we still find it difficult to accept things like larger cases 20 years ago.

The Offshore is a unique and diverse vessel. Its spirit has expanded to encompass many forms. First models were made in stainless steel, platinum and gold. Now, there are many exotic materials available, including titanium, carbon, ceramic and rubber. This materials innovation has led to a limited-edition Alinghi Team model in carbon-carbon Offshore.

You'd be hard-pressed not to wonder how the Offshore was created.Richard Mille Replica Watches It would be simple to see the evolution of the Offshore product line if it were presented to you. While each new model is a step further from the original, it still retains the core aspects that make it a luxury sports watch.