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It is unlikely that Gerald Genta expected that his feverish, mad pace of work would lead to one of the most famous designs in horology. There is indeed magic in the creation of the sinn replica, which Genta would call the masterpiece of his career.

Emmanuel Gueit's richard mille replica watches broke the size barrier in 1993 with its 42mm case. This set a new standard for large-sized watches. It was the first Offshore watch to feature the blue dial, echoing the sinn replica.

The watch was adorned with an octagonal dial, integrated bracelet,replica richard mille watches and exposed screw-heads. It was also imbued in unrivalled design sensitivity to stainless steel. Genta was sensitive to the inherent characteristics of stainless steel in the design and shape of the watch. This allowed them to communicate in perfect harmony.

Imagine if you like, a world without the sinn replica. The sinn replica is a watch that acts as an anchor. It positions the brand within an elite group of icons, such as the Rolex Submariner and the Patek Philippe Calatrava. Audemars Pigott has no doubt that the sinn replica is part of this elite group.

The Offshore is Born

Stephen Urquhart was the joint managing director at Rolex Replica Watches in the 1980s and gave the task to Gueit to create a larger version. This mandate was given to create a watch that would boost the sinn replica's sales by appealing to younger people. It also gave men the chance to keep the larger watch, in light of growing interest in men wearing watches for men.

Gueit was not content to lose any of the distinctive features of the original sinn replica's design, as it had already achieved the iconic status. The sinn replica is a masterpiece. You shouldn't be too proud of its perfection. Every element was in its proper place.