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Gueit chose a 42mm diameter for the new watch, perhaps to fit in with the current aesthetic shift towards larger watches. These were the days when average men's watches measured 36mm. The Offshore's larger dimensions provoked a lot of ridicule from watch industry professionals. They denounced the "Beast", as watch industry insiders called it, and predicted it would fail and not sell.

Gueit probably expected this reaction after having experienced similar opposition within AP during the design of the watch. Legendary stories of Stephen Urquhart running from him in the halls of AP are well-known, as are those of Georges-Henri Meylan who, after seeing the prototype, said to Gueit: "Look, I'm sorry.rolex replica watches But you're crazy."

It was difficult to get to this point. The project began in 1989, and it took four years for the watch to be launched. In the interim years, the project had been put on hold and restarted numerous times. In this case, one should consider the persistence that Gueit, a young man, displayed in the face countless oppositions, and his unwavering belief in his design.

AP's calmer minds recognized that the launch of this new watch was a risky venture and devised plans to mitigate that risk. Perhaps as a sign of a more comfortable backtrack, the best way to view this watch was to see it as a variation of the original sinn replica and not as a completely new line. rolex replica watches The first 100 watches were not engraved with the word Offshore on the caseback, as you will find on Offshores with solid-caseback cases. These first Offshores were instead marked with "sinn replica". Although it took some time for the new watch to be accepted, slowly but surely the Offshore has become the most popular large-sized sports watch in the AP line.

These first 100 watches, which were physical manifestations of Offshore's troubled past, became highly sought-after collectibles. This is a testimony to Gueit’s vision and a clear proof that he was right all along. He now has the watch number 39 from this original batch as a memento of his determination.